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Courses of Study

Courses of Study

The College offers the following Courses:-

Three-Years Degree (TDC) Semester System in Arts affiliated to Gauhati University.

Subject Offered:

TDC (Arts): 

English, Assamese (MIL & Elective), Education, Economics, History, Political Science, Geography, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Philosophy & Arabic

Major Offered:

A Students of TDC can take Major Courses in any one of the following subjects-

TDC (Arts): 

Assamese, Economics, Political Science, Education, Arabic & Philosophy

Combination of Subjects:

Three Years Degree Courses (TDC) Semester Arts: English is compulsory for 1st and 2nd Semester. A student will select any three of the following Subject-

 MIL-Economics, Political Science, History, Philosophy, Education, Arabic, Elective Assamese, Geography, Mathematics and Sanskrit.

Note: The College has no provision of teaching any MIL other than Assamese.


Major Courses:

                Candidate, willing to study a Major courses in anysubject mentioned above, will have to write the subject, in the application form, however they can write one more subject of second preference if there is a doubt for getting selection in the 1st preference in Major

                The selection list of the candidates offering Major, will be prepared on the basis of total marks obtained in HS Examination plus the marks of the subject, preferred for Major. A candidate, not selected for the subject of 1st preference, may be selected for second one. However, the candidate, willing to study a Major subject must have at least 60% marks in HS Examination, in that particulars Subject. If a candidate is selected for Major in two subject of his/her preference he/she will get admitted according to his/her own choice.

                It may be noted that a test will be held within one month from the date of admission, to Assess the knowledge and skill of the students on the Major subject.


A candidate, willing offer Major in Assamese shall have any two of the elective subjects, stated above.

A candidate offering major in Assamese can not take Elective Assamese & Assamese MIL.

A candidate are to specify their MIL in the Application from.