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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

The vision of the college is to impart quality higher education and enlightenment to the aspiring students of the locality as well as other areas of the state. The college seeks to implant a scientific attitude in the minds of the upcoming generations, irrespective of gender, race, religion and community.

Our Mission

The college has a noble mission as it is committed to the mission of empowerment of students with poor backgrounds making higher education accessible to them. The college is committed to provide formal & non-formal education to the poorest of the poor students so that they may face greater challenges of life and the world in the days to come and thus contribute to the noble mission of a stronger nation.

Our Goals and Objectives

🅐 To obtain excellence in academic as well as extra-curricular spheres, such as games and sports.
🅑 To impart quality higher education to all aspirants in general with special attention to SC,ST,OBC, MOBC and Minority students.
🅒 To arrange remedial classes for weak and slow learners.
🅓 To inculcate among students a love for the country and its people, its flora and fauna, its culture and history.
🅔 To create awareness among students and community for socio-economic development of the state.
🅕 To encourage students to make progress in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and arrange special training camps for the same.
🅖 To inculcate among students an awareness for national integration, democracy, humanitarian values and scientific temper and spirit.
🅗 To promote research in every field and thus create a research culture.