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Department of Geography

About Geography

           Geography is the study of human and physical environment. Geography is richly diverse and comprehensive subject that provides us with an understanding of our changing and inter connected world. The subject combines topics related with physical and human process over space and time. It helps to understand our inter connections among the groups of people, and in between people and their environment. The main themes are physical and human geography. Physical geography examines natural process and features including the atmosphere, landforms and ecosystems. Human geography investigates the activities and impacts of people on the earth. Geography aims to introduce students to a world beyond their everyday realities. It includes programs that provide for the study of people, places environment, culture, time continuity, change, individual identity, individual groups and institutions, power, authority, governance and participatory skills and knowledge and understanding of the world around them, so as to become engaged citizens. They will be trained to observe, speculate, debate and make connections, select priorities and persist in tacking real and important issues.

About the Department of Geography

Indira Gandhi College was established on 31st December 1995. There was a long pending demand for the department of Geography and the permission was given in 1997.

            The department of Geography works to derive a better understanding of our planet, the resources that support society and the challenge of sustainability, we use a variety of methods and tools to address the subject, field work, laboratory. The department is committed to educate our new generations who will reflect the diversity of intellectual perspective, life experiences and cultural backgrounds represented in society today.

  • Mission & Vision
  • Programe outcome
  • Programe Specific outcome
  • Course outcome


               It has been seen that the people of the greater area of Boitamari, North-Salmara, Sub-division of Bongaigaon district (present position) suffered from so many problems such as educational, economic, and political and so on. Therefore, some local and learned people came out with a noble mission of establishing a higher educational institute with an iron- will and progressive outlook in 1995 at the center of Boitamari to impart higher education to the students coming from backward rural areas and different parts of surrounding areas of the college.  Abolishing all social evil forces from the mind of the student and to make them good and responsible citizen of India is a prime mission of the department.  It has also a basic mission for the upcoming students, so as to make them academically educated and  economically sound which may contribute towards the nation’s moral and intellectual upliftment.


Department of Geography has a vision for opening remote sensing, GIS related course to meet the need of the students of this greater area. It has a vision to give education in some career-oriented courses for providing employment including computer education in different categories.

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Specific Aims of The Department of Geography

  1. Acquiring the ability to interpret the distribution and processes of physical and human Phenomena.
  2. Understanding the dynamic interrelationship between physical and human world.
  3. Locating places and relationship between them according to scale.
  4. Transferring skills from the symbolic to the verbal and vice versa.
  5. Implementing literacy, numeracy and graphical skills.
  6. Promoting the use of geographical information systems.
  7. Committing to sustainable development.
  8. Creating an awareness of development in the world. Geographical education also contributes to the development of personal and social competence.

HOD’s Desk: (Mr. Washemuz Zaman)

  1. To promote the study in different branches for the subject.
  2. To bring Geographical awareness among the people to solve day to day environmental problem.
  3. To educate the masses for proper use of resources. Reuse of natural and human resources.
  4. To contribute for the effort to make the environment cleaner, greener and better place to live
  5. To join all disciplines in the academic domain on the issues of development in the social, ecological and economic aspect.


Washemuz Zaman (M.A.,B.Ed,LL.B)
Assistant Professor (H.O.D)