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Department of Political Science

About Political Science Department

The Department of Political Science is a premier department of the College. The Department is introduced in the year 1995 as soon as the college academic session was started. The Major Course was introduced in 2007 and permission to this effect was accorded by Gauhati University on 2012. Since then the Department has been imparting quality education with extending extra-curricular activities as per norms and requirement.

Overview of the Department

  1. Year of Introduction of the Department :     1995
  2. Year of Introduction of Major Subject :        2007
  3. Name of the Programme/ Course Offered : UG
  4. Courses Offered:
  • Major/ Honours & General/ Regular
  • Skill Enhancement Course
  • Discipline Specific Course
  1. Orientation of the Programme        :        Semester System.
  2. Introduce of NEP (2020)                  :        Core course & Common Course

              Political Science is a branch of social science which studies the state, politics, government and other related socio-economic issues. It also deals with the analysis of political Systems, the theoretical and practical application to politics. Therefore, the study of political science may help the students to know different aspects of civic life.

  1. Political science as a discipline familiar to the students to realize various theories of the subject and its history, approaches, assessment of political system and its functions.
  2. The study of political Science will facilitate the students to know about the constitution of India and other countries like UK, USA, China and Switzerland. It helps to know how the constitutional provisions are applied in the administrative system in different country. It also helps them to know about rights and Duties and thereby prepare them to be responsible Citizen.
  3. Political Science is useful to understand the mechanisms of modern governmental systems.
  4. The subject enables the students to understand the various theories of International Relations and dynamics involved with it. The study of Political Science is also useful for understanding both national and external policies of a country.
  5. Political science also deals with various ideals like Rights, Justice, Liberty, Equality,
  6. The subject is helpful to understand democratic values, qualities of a good citizen,
  7. With the help of studying Political Science students will able to understand prevailing political culture in a political system and thereby they get themselves acquaint with the political process.
  8. The study of Political Science is helpful in understanding the political development that takes place in a particular political
  9. The students get themselves aware about the Human Rights, working of various International Organizations in different field of Human Development through the study of Political Science.
  10. The discipline imparts the lesson of co-operation and toleration among the
  11. The discipline introduces students to the key debates on the meaning and nature of globalization by addressing its political, economic, social and cultural and technological
  12. The discipline provides an introduction to the discipline of Public Administration. It encompasses public administration in its historical context with an emphasis on various classical and contemporary administrative
  13. The discipline enables the students to understand the political philosophy of the Indian and western political thinkers and their applicability in contemporary society..
  14. The discipline provides the knowledge of contemporary political Ideologies and issues in the global

After completing the B.A. (UGL) Course, the students are expected to acquire

  1. Acquire the knowledge with facts and figures concerned with the subjects as specified in the prospectus of the college. The Subjects include- Arabic, Assamese, English, Political Science, Education, Economics, History, Geography and Mathematics.
  2. Understand the basic concepts, objectives and various theories in the above mentioned
  3. Realize the importance of literature in terms of aesthetic, moral, intellectual development of students concerned.
  4. Understand how issues in the social science get influenced by the literature, Politics and historical events and how they provide solutions to the social
  5. Gained the analytical ability to analyze the social with the help of course curriculum.
  6. To prepare the students to Participate in various socio- cultural activities
  7. Evaluate and teach that social issues are no longer permanent in nature and largely depend on the political and the economical changes continuously.
  8. Publish reference books, Magazine, articles, stories to spread the messages of equality, nationality, social harmony, moral values and ethics.
  9. Recognize that the quest of knowledge is a lifelong process and one can achieve the success only with positive attitude and enthusiasm.
  10. Build up various communication skills such as reading, speaking, Delivery of speech, , which will be accommodating in expressing ideas and views clearly.

The course is divided into two sections under new Education Policy, 2020. Section-A Core Course those who have the subject in HS XII level. Section-B is designed to those who have not the subject in HS XII level

  • Mission & Vision
  • Programe outcome
  • Programe Specific outcome
  • Course outcome


  • To make students up to date to coup up with the challenging situation among the students.
  • To arrange Seminars, group discussion and such other programmes to build future career and make the students responsible citizen of the nation.


The Vision of the department of Political Science is clear and far reaching. It always tries to concentrate on the following agenda:

  • To impart quality education in Political Science to the students.
  • To make the students creative and research oriented.
  • To provide references to acquire knowledge on extra-curricular activities and to grow competitive attitude among the students.
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Abdul Awal Khan(M.A.)
Assistant Professor (H.O.D)

Muktar Hussain Sarkar (M.A.,M.Phil)
Assistant Professor

Dr. Akram Ali Bhutto (M.A.,Ph.D)
Assistant Professor